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Animal Success Stories
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Anya has adopted Daisy! She's now living large in a home in Laguna Beach over looking the ocean.


Carter is doing well at his new home in San Diego with a couple in their 60’s. They had two dogs, the older one died. The remaining one grieved by digging up the back yard, ripping window screens, shredding pillows and chewing rugs. Carter’s job is to calm him. They are now best buddies.

Lucky & Dumpling
Lucky & Dumpling

Lucky and Dumpling were adopted to a wonderful woman in Hermosa Beach. Julie has adopted only rescue dogs her whole life. Her last 3 large dogs all lived to be 16 and 17 yrs old. Nurturing them through illness and passing, she is a true dog lover. Her last dog died a year ago and she said life hasn't been the same without a dog. Julie moved to the beach and could only have small dogs in her apartment. I agreed to introduce her to The Boys and she already had tags made with their names when I got there. Lucky and Dumpling have finally found a fabulous forever home after 3 tries!


Today Belle was adopted by a wonderful family. A young man (69) with early onset dementia who lives near family with caregivers. His former dog died a few weeks ago. The man was a physician who helped premature babies and was diagnosed with Alzheimers at 63yrs old Belle took to him immediately. His daughter said that Belle is exactly what they were looking for and what her dad needs.


15 minutes into Ryan's new Forever Home heart

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