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We love to get follow up stories on the fur babies you adopted from us!

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Message From: Carol March 24, 2019
In 2013, we adopted Bella (formerly named Daisy), a sweet Maltese, from a dog foster in Chula Vista. I want her to know that Bella is thriving as an integral member of our family. She and her dog stepsister love each other. Carol

Message From: Nick June 9, 2016
We fostered Dakoda. Michelle was helpful and caring all the way.

Message From: Linda Kinnaman January 3, 2011
Hi Michelle and Stefanie, we adopted Coco in the spring of 2009 and have been in love ever since. She went on a 6 week camping trip with us this summer and is the best traveler. Thanks for all the love! from The Kinnamans

Message From: Amy December 25, 2010
Hi Michelle, I met Mikey at your place 2 years, 2 months and 14 days ago. He has been the kindest, sweetest and most gentle soul and has done wonders for my heart. Mikey passed yesterday, and I miss him so much. He will always hold a special place in my heart. We still have Lucky and he's doing well ... a little down without his partner, but we'll get thru this and bring in another sweet soul who needs a family.

Message From: Solrun August 24, 2010
My Family is Fostering Tilly. She is such a enjoy. Only at age 3 months she is fully housebroken. She is also Crate train. She let you know if she is hungry and lovr playing with kids and other dogs. When she will be Adopted we all will miss her. Thanks for letting her be our Foster child.

Message From: KarenB July 9, 2010
Great mission! I wish you success!

Message From: Karen B July 9, 2010
Wonderful mission! May you have great success!

Message From: Linda Kinnaman May 7, 2010
We adopted "Cocoama" now Coco just about a year ago in April of 2009. She is very much a part of our family, although rambunctions like most labs, she is great with our 2 young children, loves to learn and do obedience and LOVES her tennis balls. She is the happiest girl we know and just wants to have fun. We are so happy that she came into our lives. She has provided my 8 year old an opportunity to gain confidence in dog handling and dog care and therefore more allowance money! We plan to take our first camping trip this summer and she will be right there with us. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Message From: Elaine May 15, 2008
Michelle, I am so glad we have met and become friends. I think between the 2 of us, we can save the world!!! Thnkas for what you do. Elaine

Message From: Becky & Patti February 7, 2008
HI!!! Cool website! We're looking for Kito/Roanin

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